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Thé Noir Chaï

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Mode de conditionnement
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A surprising spiced black tea made according to a traditional Indian recipe.

The boost it provides as well as its spiciness make this tea a must-have for people in the midst of an active life.

This mixture is usually enjoyed with milk and sugar to bring out its flavour.

Recommended brewing time: 3 to 4 minutes.
Recommended infusion temperature: 100°.


50 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 50 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), 100 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 100 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), 500 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 500 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), Boîte de 12 sachets de thés, Thé en vrac (100g)