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Infusion Fruits Rouges Bio

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A delicious fruity organic infusion, very pleasant at the end of the day. The red fruits in this infusion give it a gourmet touch and a sweetness appreciated by all.

The red fruit notes of this blend are particularly enjoyable after a good meal.

Recommended brewing time: 5 to 10 minutes.
Recommended infusion temperature: 100°.


50 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 50 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), 100 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 100 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), 500 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 500 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), Boîte de 12 sachets de thés, Thé en vrac (100g)