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Thé vert Jasmin Bio

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A marvellous blend, essentially composed of Chinese green tea delicately scented with jasmine.

This green tea from China is unique; it can be enjoyed as a delicacy and is rich in theine.

It is the tea of choice for Chinese cuisine.

Recommended brewing time: 2 to 3 minutes.
Recommended infusion temperature: 100°


50 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 50 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), 100 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 100 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), 500 sachets de thés (conditionnement complet), 500 sachets de thés (conditionnement partiel), Boîte de 12 sachets de thés, Thé en vrac (100g)