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Ethique de la société


Feeling concerned by the problem of global warming, the company Le Cercle du Thé has decided to adopt a resolutely forward-looking commercial policy. Indeed, through the new individual tea bags proposed by Le Cercle du Thé, the company firmly marks its willingness to use 100% recyclable materials. Indeed, whether the boxes, teabags or individual envelopes, all the products necessary for their manufacture come from a recyclable, or even biodegradable, source.

Moreover, this rigour of responsible and recyclable trade can also be felt through the wide range of teas offered to our customers. Le Cercle du Thé strives to offer as many teas as possible with an organic label and coming from fair and responsible agriculture.

These steps demonstrate the company's tenacious desire to develop intelligent business with respect for both human beings and the planet. Moreover, in constant search for improvements in this field, le Cercle du Thé does not slacken its efforts to expand a little more each day its range of products that respect this ethical charter.