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Our treasures

Our treasures

Ali Baba's Cave

At le Cercle du Thé, you will find everything you need to titillate your taste buds, smell, sight and touch. Sober or artistically crafted, the tea services are available to serve your favourite drink in the best possible way. Tea tins, thermos flasks, filters and hourglasses complete this perfect amateur's panoply. Sweets, spices, candles, shawls, scarves and knick-knacks are just waiting for you to fall in love with them.

This assortment, which is regularly enriched with new items, is not sold online because, due to the delicacy of the items on display, they must be collected directly from the shop.

Teapots and complete services

Boutique Th I Re Japon 1 1 Orig 1024x600

Teas Boxes

Boutique Bo Tes Th Orig 1024x600


Boutique Thermos Orig 1024x600


Boutique Pices Orig 1024x600


Boutique Sirops Orig 1024x600


Boutique Chocolats Orig 1024x415


Boutique Biscuits Orig 1024x600

Jams and honeys

Boutique Confiture Miel Orig 1024x600


Boutique Bougies Orig 1024x600


Boutique Bijoux Orig 1024x600

Scarves and shawls

Boutique Ch Les Orig 1024x600

Trinkets & statuettes

Cropped Contact 2