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Qui Somme Nous ?


For several years now, Anne von Erlach has been welcoming her customers in the heart of Nyon, on Rue Perdtemps, under the name "La Boîte à Thé", a name shared with three other shops in the region. She has decided to give her shop a new identity: le Cercle du Thé.

Le Cercle? It's gentle, comfortable, the symbol of a place where connoisseurs and the curious alike are welcomed in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Here, with her two friends Bérangère and Ludivine, Anne will take the time to tell you all about growing, picking and processing tea, the major tea-producing countries she and her family have visited - China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Malaysia in particular - and the Eastern and Western rituals involved in preparing and enjoying this age-old beverage.

You can enjoy a moment of calm in the small lounge, or on the intimate and charming terrace which opens in fine weather. You will taste the most refined teas, the most original and fragrant blends...

You too will enter in le Cercle du Thé !