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Le Cercle Du Thé in Nyon

Le Cercle du Thé in NYON



Bérangère, Anne and Ludivine

For several years now, Anne von Erlach has been welcoming her customers in the heart of Nyon, on Rue Perdtemps, under the name "La Boîte à Thé", a name shared with three other shops in the region. She has decided to give her shop a new identity: le Cercle du Thé.

Le Cercle? It's gentle, comfortable, the symbol of a place where connoisseurs and the curious alike are welcomed in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Here, with her two friends Bérangère and Ludivine, Anne will take the time to tell you all about growing, picking and processing tea, the major tea-producing countries she and her family have visited - China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Malaysia in particular - and the Eastern and Western rituals involved in preparing and enjoying this age-old beverage.

You can enjoy a moment of calm in the small lounge, or on the intimate and charming terrace which opens in fine weather. You will taste the most refined teas, the most original and fragrant blends...

You too will enter in le Cercle du Thé !


After working for many years in a number of shops in the region, she joined the team at Le Cercle du Thé, where she assists Anne with her efficiency, her smile and her pleasure in serving customers.

She's our infusion specialist... she twirls flavours, flowers, herbs and fruit to create unique infusions that only she knows the secret of...


Coming from a family of coffee drinkers, Anne discovered the thousand facets of tea with her husband through her travels in Asia, her reading and, for the past few years, the management of a tea shop she created in Nyon. From her first love for decoration, she has kept a warm sense of decor and an ever-awakening curiosity for original and rare objects. Her goal? To share this curiosity with her customers by regularly offering new teas and accessories in her shop.


She embodies the very essence of our boutique with her unique know-how and her love for the most exquisite teas. Since her arrival, she has brought a touch of elegance and expertise to every interaction.

With a warm smile and in-depth knowledge, she guides each customer on a sensory journey, helping them to discover unforgettable flavours and unique taste experiences. 


The tasting room and its secret garden



Le Cercle du Thé offers a tasting area in each of the cosy corners of the shop. In summer, the small terrace is undoubtedly a much sought-after haven of peace...



Whether you're looking for a coffee, a chat latte, a matcha, a tea, a syrup or even a homemade cold tea, our menu will take you on a real sensory journey guided by our care.

The Terrace


Tea, accessories and more...


Le Cercle du Thé offers over 200 loose-leaf teas (from Japanese green tea to Indian black tea, including rooibos), as well as teabags made locally and ecologically.

As well as tea, we offer tea caddies, infusers, tableware and a range of tea-related accessories that are sure to win you over!

As well as all these products, Le Cercle du Thé is also a friendly team on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Whether you want to discover certain products or learn more about tea preparation, we're always ready to pass on our knowledge to anyone who'd like to hear it.


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