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Our local partners

For over 3 years, Le Cercle du Thé has also offered its services to "professionals" (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.). Thanks to the relationships we've built up with producers, we're delighted to be able to help you create your tea list.

Whether it's through our support, our pricing policy aimed at democratising quality tea or the mutual collaboration established with each of our customers, Le Cercle du Thé has won you over with its originality and efficiency.

To date, we've worked with a number of establishments on everything from tableware to loose tea and tea bags. Whether you're a fine dining establishment looking for a unique experience, or a traditional restaurant looking to offer your customers a warm and welcoming experience from start to finish...

Today, quality tea and the service that goes with it have become essential to a fully successful customer experience.

Our tea, your asset

Le Cercle du Thé offers all the services and products related to the world of tea, from loose tea and tea bags to Chinese porcelain and tea infusers.

With nearly 200 references, you're sure to find the tea that will thrill your customers. What's more, our tea master is on hand to work with you to develop a unique tea created exclusively to your wishes...

To offer your customers the best possible experience, we can provide your staff with training on tea, how to serve it and how to combine it with other dishes and times of the day.

Le Cercle du Thé offers you exceptional quality, unrivalled service and personalised support, all at particularly attractive prices.

Obviously, even in this area, the elements that have made Le Cercle du Thé such a success (eco-responsibility, organic, etc.) remain all the more important to us!








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