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General Terms and Conditions of Use - MY FIDELITHE ACCOUNT

Preamble :

Le Cercle du Thé (T'Cha'Thé Sàrl) has set up a loyalty account called "MON COMPTE FIDELITHE" in its shops.


The loyalty account is a points collection account created free of charge. It is available on request from Le Cercle du Thé sales outlets.

To activate your account, you must register at one of the Le Cercle du Thé points of sale. If you wish to modify the information provided during registration, you can request the changes directly at any Le Cercle du Thé point of sale.


                        The loyalty account can be used in all Le Cercle du Thé shops after in-store activation.

Your account of fidelity is personal. The company T'Cha'Thé Sàrl does not incur any liability in accordance with art. 5 below.

Each time you make a purchase using your loyalty account with Le Cercle du Thé, you will be given a receipt on request, showing the number of points accumulated in your account. In the event of a dispute, the receipt corresponding to the last purchase made will be taken as proof of the remaining balance.

At any time, the customer can ask to know the balance of his points available on the fidelithé account, by means of an email and/or by asking in one of the Cercle du Thé points of sale.


Each time you checkout, your fidelithé account will earn points as described below:

  • 1 (un) point ‘le Cercle du Thé’ collecté pour chaque tranche de CHF 5 dépensée.
  • Votre fidélité récompensée : 30 (trente) points ‘le Cercle du Thé’ = 100g du thé mois offert OU une boisson à consommer sur place ou à l’emporter et une patisserie offerte.
  • The number of points restarts at zero to follow up the reward credit

The customer agrees to receive communications and promotional offers.


If you wish to return your card and stop the programme, you can contact us directly at However, the points balance on your card will not give any particular advantage and will therefore be lost.

If Le Cercle du Thé discontinues the programme, the points remaining on your card will not give you any particular advantage.


The creation of a loyalty card outside Le Cercle du Thé points of sale is strictly forbidden.

In this context, Le Cercle du Thé reserves the right to take any legal action enabling it to defend its interests.

Le Cercle du Thé declines all responsibility in the event of fraudulent or abusive use of the card or in breach of these general conditions of use.

In addition, Le Cercle du Thé reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate in the event of improper or fraudulent use of the card.

Customers may collect up to 100 (one hundred) points per purchase. Above this amount, additional points will not be counted and will be lost.


The personal data collected is processed by Le Cercle du Thé as part of the membership and management of the "loyalty" programme. Membership of the "loyalty" programme requires the customer to fill in a membership form.

The following fields are compulsory: title; surname; first name; postal address; date of birth; e-mail address.

This information is collected by and intended for the Tea Club only.

Forms containing incomplete or erroneous data will not be taken into account. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data and must inform Le Cercle du Thé as soon as possible of any changes to this data.

Certain benefits will only be available through certain means of communication (e-mail).

In the context of the fidelity account, personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy available at:


It may be decided at any time to amend or supplement these general terms and conditions of use.

Similarly, the "fidelithé" programme may be shortened, interrupted or stopped. These situations will be brought to your attention by any means deemed useful by the Tea Circle.

Subscribing to the "fidelithé" programme implies acceptance of all these terms and conditions, which have contractual value and which the subscriber acknowledges having read.


For any questions or comments about the "fidelithé" programme, members can contact Customer Services:

  • By post: le Cercle du Thé (T'Cha'Thé Sàrl) - Rue Perdtemps 3B, 1260 Nyon
  • By email:

Nyon, March 2024 - For the Cercle du Thé